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Wind Mitigation Inspection

Wind Mitigation - a program that could save you up to 45% on your Home Owner's Insurance premium

Not everyone is qualified to perform a wind mitigation inspection; the inspector must meet a number of requirements. He must be a specifically licensed contractor and have completed special certification courses. There are a number of local qualified inspectors, including myself if you require one.

Most existing homes have one or more wind resistance construction features and may qualify for some insurance discounts.

 In addition, homes built after 1994 in Miami-Dade or Broward Counties and houses built after 2002 in the rest of the state have many wind resistance construction features and will likely qualify for credits.

Do I Need A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Wind Mitigation Inspections haven't been around forever. In the early 2000's, when the Southeastern U.S. was battered by hurricanes, a number of insurance companies went bankrupt due to an overwhelming amount of claims. As a solution, and mandated by Florida law, they started offering discounts to customers who received a wind mitigation inspection by qualified professional.

Home Inspections

A comprehensive home inspection from a professional, certified home inspector.

4 Point Inspections

The four main areas in your home, Electric, HVAC, Plumbing and the Roof.

Infrared Scanning

Certified with the right tools to find out the hot and cold spots of a home or business so we can give you and accurate report

Construction Features Wind Damage and Loss Protec Home Inspection

Every item carries a percentage of discount, so it is not a pass or fail type inspection.  Items that determine how much of a discount are:

  • The type of roof you have such as shingles that meet the Florida Building Code 2001 or later or homes in south Florida, Miami-Dade or Broward counties, South Florida Building Code 1994.
  • The age of the roof
  • Roof shape such as Hip, Gable, Flat etc.
  • How the roof decking is attached to your trusses
  • How the trusses are attached to the exterior walls
  • Certain storm rated doors and windows or storm coverings for doors and windows. (½ inch plywood is a Florida Building code acceptable covering for your doors and window if installed properly )

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