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Why a Home Inspection is So Vital?

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A home inspection is a widely inclusive, and vital assessment of the state of a home.  A home is one of the most significant purchases one will ever make and we suggest that you hire a quality home inspector to ensure your investment is up to code to avoid sudden surprises that may cost you thousands!
Imagine having an improper home inspection from someone and you find out after you spent so much of your life savings on this property, only to find out after you move in that the hot water in the guest shower does not work. Imagine that after you move in, that you find out the ill-equipped inspector didn’t heat-check the electric stove and only one of your burners work. That’s up to an additional $1000 to purchase a decent working stove and then need it installed. That is a hassle and a half!
We can catch big problems that home owners try to hide, and even the small flaws that cost big bucks. It is ultimately up to You, the buyer, if you are ok or not with the problems. It’s up to us to report them to you.
Understand this, if we report something wrong with the property that you are not ok with, ask your realtor to put it on the table for negotiation if the home owners are stiff, …..that’s a little secret from us to you 😉
The home inspector should cover the major utility like the air conditioner system, the electrical box, lighting fixtures, water heater, plumbing, electrical outlets, and then go into smaller things like the window locks and operations, ceiling fans, hot and cold water at each sink, a pool for cracks and the pumps (if applicable), all of the showers hot and cold water, electrical conduit, the refrigerator, the stove and oven heating temperatures, and the roof. 
Cover your butt and get a professional home inspection because it is the best way to find the general state of a home.  Regardless of whether you think you have discovered a flawless property, it is a home inspector’s duty to tell you about the flaws of the property and that it may not be perfect.
We, here at Protec Home Inspection, want you to feel comfortable purchasing a home, and that there won’t be any surprises in the near future. 
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