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What is a Wood Destroying Organism Report?

Pro-Tec Home Inspections offers Termite and Wood destroying organisms diagnoses which could save you and you money.

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ProTec Is Certified In WDO

A Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection Report is a written report of an inspection on a home for visible and accessible evidence of an infestation or damage by wood destroying organisms. Usually this means subterranean or dry wood termites, but will also cover wood destroying beetles and wood destroying fungi.

The existence of a past infestation or damage does not necessarily mean that the buyer should not purchase the home. The buyer should obtain additional information, however, to determine what steps (if any) are needed to put the structure into an acceptable condition.


What should a home buyer do if “visible damage” is reported on an initial WDO inspection report, and then the damage is repaired so a “clear” letter can be provided to the mortgage lender?

Any report of visible damage or infestation is an indication that termites or other WDOs have been or are present in the structure. Repair of damage may or may not have resolved the problem. Home buyers should investigate further to determine the status of WDO protection on the structure and determine if the damage repaired was a symptom of more extensive infestation or damage.

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